Vale Miss Pixie Annat MBE OAM Rest in Peace

It is with great sadness that we advise the passing of our dear friend Pixie Annat on Saturday 24 September 2022.

Pixie was such an amazing lady, such energy, enthusiasm and love for life, with an amazing intellect, and her whole life had been involved in helping others in so many areas.

Miss Pixie Annat – right – receives an award from the Centaur Memorial Fund for Nurses, reflecting more than 70 years of service.

She cared about her family and friends and was always asking about others. Her hearing was the only thing that let her down. She had such a great infectious smile.

Pixie has been involved with Centaur since the Centaur Nurses Fund was established in 1948 when she was a member of the Younger Set with her twin sister Elle, and her parents were Centaur members involved on the committee.

Pixie was still on the Centaur Memorial Fund for Nurses Committee of Management and was planning to attend our working meeting on Saturday 24 September.

She loved being involved and knowing what was happening with Centaur and felt very proud of where the Centaur Memorial Fund for Nurses is today. Pixie will be so greatly missed by so many and remembered so very fondly.

It has been such a privilege to know such a great lady. May you rest in peace Pixie.

Pixie’s funeral service can be watched below.