Postgraduate Scholarship Winners and Fellows

Postgraduate Scholarship Winners and Fellows

Past Scholarship Winners and Fellows

A key endeavour of the Centaur memorial Fund for Nurses is to support development of nursing education and research.   The Fund awards an annual Scholarship to a Queensland nurse or midwife undertaking either a professional Doctorate or research studies for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

The first Centaur Scholarship awarded in May 1994.

Over the years the Centaur Scholarship (formerly Centaur Fellowship) has supported nurses undertaking research and higher degree studies in a range of nursing related fields.


Past Scholarship Research


Professor Elizabeth Beattie | Find out more

Thesis examined the functional outcomes associated with wandering and elopement in dementia, especially under-nutrition.

Dr Marion Mitchell | Find out more

Thesis title: Family outcomes following patient transfer from Intensive Care

An individualized transfer brochure was developed for family members about their relative’s transfer from ICU to a general ward. This was positively evaluated by family members who felt better prepared, less uncertain and more satisfied with the transfer process than those who did not experience it. The transfer brochure concept has now been incorporated into all transfers from the ICU.

Dr Brigid Gillespie | Find out more

Thesis on “The predictors of resilience in operating room nurses” was a mixed methods study that examined workplace culture and personal characteristics that contributed to resilience in theatre nurses.

Professor Linda Shields | Find out more

Thesis entitled ‘A comparative study of the care of hospitalized children in developed and developing countries’.

Linda’s research compared the way children are cared for in hospitals in developed (Australia and the UK) with developing (Indonesia and Thailand) countries.

Dr Sonya Osborne | Find out more

Creating a culture and climate for evidence-based practice in nursing: Development and testing of an implementation and evaluation strategy for practice development.

Dr Deborah PriorEmail her

Thesis title: Cultural strengths and social needs of Aboriginal women with cancer.

The study explored the meaning of cancer for rural Aboriginal women in Australia. The focus of the study included the cultural context influencing Aboriginal women’s decision-making about cancer treatment and cancer support services.

Professor Elizabeth Patterson | Find out more

Thesis title: Primary health care nursing: A case study of practice nurses

This study explored the current and potential contribution of nurses employed in general practice settings to primary health care in Australia.